DeeMaxx Difference

DeeMaxx Components is best-known for their unprecedented product quality and reliability, distinguished product performance, and exceptional customer service. DeeMaxx Components believes in a quality and standard you can trust and will stop at nothing to provide customers with the benefits of their superior products. Read on to learn more about how DeeMaxx Components’ products can benefit each customer with their one-of-a-kind characteristics.  



DeeMaxx Components is the ONLY brake manufacturer to pass the SAE J2681 Brake Test and to pass it “satisfactorily” (see the “About Us” tab to view the Brake Test Report). DeeMaxx products have minimal warranty issues, about 0.1 percent, for all of their major components. Quality and durability are built-in to the design of the products by the materials used, tolerance, etc. DeeMaxx has a trademark integrated caliper mount-bolt/sleeve design for ease of installation and to ensure that they stay in place within the caliper. DeeMaxx’s silicone boot also has improved performance at extreme temperatures compared to other companies.


 DeeMaxx Components products are known for their distinguished performance and their constant refining of products for overall performance and safety of the customers. The patented rotor design runs cooler, has improved coating consistency, water is able to drain and not collect in the hat section, and it has a larger diameter (up to 15 percent larger). DeeMaxx products also have more brake torque which allows for shorter stopping distances and increased safety for all users. Along with these, DeeMaxx has several other things that make them stand out against competitors. Some of which include, no warping on rotors, better caliper bleeding, exclusive laser writing on all calipers, and compatibility with every surge and electric/hydraulic.


DeeMaxx Components prides themselves on their small business feel so that they can provide each individual customer with a personalized experience. Each customer at DeeMaxx is treated like family and they genuinely have the customer's best interest. Not only does DeeMaxx Components manufacture and distribute the highest quality trailer disc brakes in the world, their products are sold at fair prices for the quality provided.