Disc Vs. Drum

Disc brakes have been around since the 70's. Disc brakes don't make you go faster, look cooler or sound meaner. But, few things are less enjoyable than pulling a trailer with lousy brakes. Not only can it be stressful and needlessly hard work, it can also be dangerous. Good brakes can actually improve your overall abilities by allowing much better control of the trailer at all times. 
The purpose of this information is to help you better understand DEEMAXX brakes and the factors affecting brake performance; to dispel the many common myths and misconceptions, and to address important factors.
Actually, there are a number of good reasons why disc brakes are far superior to drums, including:
  • Better cooling - less likely to overheat and fade
  • Less susceptible to contamination from mud and water
  • Less maintenance
  • Much easier maintenance
  • Fewer moving parts
  • Lighter
  • More pad-to-rotor contact area

So if you still have drum brakes on your trailer there’s plenty of good information in this tech section to interest you.